The Ides of March have passed and as the omens had foreseen, Caesar was murdered. He fell dead on the Senate’s marble after receiving 23 stab wounds, each from the hand of a different conspirator.

The citizens of Rome rise. The Empire is hanging on a thread. Markus Antonius takes the role of the peacemaker. Along with Gaius Octavius and Aemilius Lepidus, he forms a new triumvirate and names the plotters Prefects, giving them amnesty for their crime. The feud simmers down for now.

Unity, though, is fragile. All members of the triumvirate want to prevail—to build their own Empire, increase trade and develop farming for their own profit, win a majority in the Senate and confront Caesar’s murderers. Feuds will force some to scheme against their rivals while faith will lead them to build monuments for the gods.

No matter what path each of them chooses to follow, only one will succeed in becoming the Emperor or Empress of the new Age of Rome.

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A game designed by
Vangelis Efthimiou & Antonios Yannopoulos.

They are the creative minds behind Teetotum Game Studios.
Their common passion for board games
recently led to the creation of their first board game,
Age of Rome.

Their goal is to bring more fun and happiness to this world by creating inspired board games.

Illustrations by
Evan Scale.

Gfx & Board Design by
giodim Custom Works.

Currently in Progress by
Teetotum Game Studios.

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